A few UI suggestions

  • Hello and thanks for a great browser :). Some quick suggestions: - The new tab button (that plus sign) should work even when i click a few pixels above or below that white box. Right now, i have to target right inside the X's box, which is a bit counterproductive (i know about keyboard shortcuts, i don't really like them). - That green site info element (the one with the full certification's owner name) is a bit too evident some times, especially when i use the dark UI theme, even here on Vivaldi forums. A gray color would be better. - When pining a tab that has sound, the mute button is constantly shown on that tab. As a result, there are accidental mutes of the tab. A context option would be better. Keep up the great work!

  • I agree with you about the third suggestion, I accidentally muted tab when I first used Vivaldi.


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