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  • hi I use vivaldi on a surface and cant activate the text select handlers when long pressing text. Without that this otherwise nice browser is useless for me. Is there a cure? thx! Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/74200/capture_001_11022016_010940.png[/img]

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    Time heals all things.

    There is no support for tablets nor (full) support for touch screens in Vivaldi yet, except whatever is there by happenstance. I suspect the first support that will be fleshed out will be touch-screen support for things like all-in-one desktops, etc., then getting the support right for swipe gestures on OS-X touchpads (these two might be reversed) and then last of all, an actual mobile version which works on phones and tablets. Right now, Vivaldi is trying to get Vivaldi for desktop computers fully functional.

  • Thanks for your kind reply. I wish you a lot of publicity for your super fast browser. It runs like hell on my atom surface (firefox is a monster), and I'm looking forward for the next versions.

    I hope touch support can prioritized, as a lot of people use touch screens these days…


  • one more thing: in adress bar the handlers are working!! so please, it shouldnt be hard to activate them in the pages text?


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