Address bar autocomplete and command-z undo

  • Auto complete messes up editing of the address bar input. Let's say I want to search for "barometry". As I type in, sugggestions are provided as pre-selected text (shown here in gray, since I don't know a bbcode for changing background color) b[color=#bbbbbb][/color] br[color=#bbbbbb][/color] bro[color=#bbbbbb][/color] Whoops, I realized that I that left out the "a", so I hit the left-arrow key and type "a" Oops, that leaves me with No problem, I'll just hit command-z to undo. I then have Ok, I'll hit command-z again to undo the autocomplete. Except I now get br[color=#bbbbbb][/color] Ack, that's not what I wanted. Maybe hitting command-z again will help? b[color=#bbbbbb][/color] As you can see, the segments suggested by autocomplete don't get undone, so the Undo command is made useless. (Of course in this example, it would be simple just to retype from start, but there are longer cases where that's annoying to have to do.) For the time being, is there any way to just turn autocomplete off?

  • On a related note:
    Personally, I'd prefer if autocomplete didn't even really add the suggested segment as true text in the field until the user explicitly accepts it. (Currently, it gets added as preselected text, so that it gets replaced as you type. This has the consequence that if you hit return without first pressing delete, you can accidentally be taken to a bookmark or history item you didn't intend to revisit just then.) To me, the ideal would be to display the suggestion in faded letters, but only really add the text segment if the user presses right-arrow (when the cursor is at the rightmost position of the already-entered text) or if the user left-mouse-clicks the suggestion.

    E.g. if I typed in just "books" (without quotation marks) and hit return, I'd be sure to simply be taken to a search for "books" using my default search provider, while if I typed in "books" and then hit ► and return I'd be taken to or whatever else got suggested.

  • @Isildur:


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