Any option to disable VB-12480 Add Active Tab ? (driving me nuts)

  • Just upgraded to snapshot 1.0.390.3. And instantly experienced this new feature introduced in snapshot 1.0.385.5: [i]"VB-12480 Add active tab as bookmark from the bookmark menus themselves"[/i] Is there any option to disable this ? Settings or vivaldi:// ? Couldn't find one myself at first look. For those not aware. This makes every single Bookmark Bar's folder have a new item at top, with menu separator: [attachment=2574]screenshot.gif[/attachment] If I am guessing correctly this is to make it easier to add items directly to Bookmark Bar. Before you had to add it as normal bookmark and put it in correct folder, relative to where Bookmark Bar Folder was set. Good intention, but from my taste, poorly implemented. It is driving me crazy. Already in one day I have added current tab to Bookmark Bar's folder several times, with no intention to do it. Having to delete entry. But because right-click on Bookmark Bar drop-down items is not implemented. I actually have to go into 'classic' bookmarks to delete it. Aaaaargh :pinch: I understand the need to make it easier to add items to Bookmark Bar. But this is not the correct solution. I would guess most people use the Bookmark Bar a majority of the time to select an item. In those cases the 'Add Active Bar' is just in the way, visually 'disturbing', wasting space, and prone to be selected by accident. There must be a better way. Right-click any item in Bookmark Folder with the choice: "Add Active Tab to Folder". Move the choice to bottom of each Bookmark Bar's folder. Anything except how it is now. Again. If there already is an option to disable this feature, I'll shut up. Would be enough for me 😎 Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Bump. This browser is currently absolutely unusable for me because of this. I keep clicking this terrible button instead of quickly opening the first bookmark which is supposed to be in its place. And when I do I can't even remove this new bookmark quickly because right click acts as left click instead of opening context menu.

  • Please do this 🤢

  • I agree, give us an option to remove those buttons.


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