Scrolling Tabs

  • I would really love to have an horizontal scrolling tabs feature for those cases when we have a lot of opened tabs, similar to firefox, this would be so helpful considering that for now when a user open a lot of tabs this ones are getting smaller and so on. Please add this feature I would really appreciate it. Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  • This is a good example of the importance of user-configurable options, which is such a strength [& breath of fresh air] with Vivaldi compared to many other browsers. I completely respect the validity & legitimacy of your personal preference to horizontally scroll the tab bar as with FF. However my personal preference is opposite to yours… i abhor the FF Australis GUI metaphor, not only but especially coz of its "overflowing" tabs being out of sight unless/until brought back into sight via that horiz. scroll. I much prefer that all tabs remain "visible" simultaneously. I concede for non-Vivaldi & non-O12 browsers that becomes visually difficult with large tab numbers coz each individual tab shrinks to nanometre scale [kidding] – which is another reason that tab stacks are so fabulous re productivity. Hence, if the V devs ever do provide your desired feature, i hope they continue their habit of making it an option, not hard coded, for we "opposite-preference" users.

  • another vote for overflowing tabs as an optional feature.

  • +1
    I think it is a must-have feature. Maybe with some narrow scroll-bar indicator for better visual tab's navigation.


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