Context menu > "View image file properties". Also, Page Info side panel.

  • Something I miss from Presto Opera is right-click -> "Image Properties.." (or right-click -> "View Image Info" in FF), to inspect not the IMG element, but the file's properties instead. It's also nice how FF brings that up in context of a Page Info dialog box. It would be nice to have a Vivaldi side panel that combined the information presented in FFs "Page Info" dialog box with the links and various info provided in Presto Opera's "Info" side panel. Edit: Before anyone suggests it, I know there are extensions that provide image file info functionality.

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    That is internally in the ToDo pipeline of Dev Team.

  • Good to hear, thanks. The image info, the page info panel, or both?

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    I mean: Image info (Exif, size, URL, etc) as in Opera 12 for a selected image.

    You can have a panel information with this extension:

  • I think there was a bit of a miscommunication. The Page Info panel I was refering to was this panel in Opera.

    The only connection to images, for that part of my post, is that in Firefox, when I click "View Image Info" from the context menu brought up by right-clicking on an image, the image info is shown in one tab of dialog box that also offers general page information aside from the currently selected image.

    I was originally going to mention only the Image Info matter in this thread. Then as an afterthought, I through in the stuff about a Page Info panel like Opera's, because that FF dialog box reminded me of it.

    (Huh, that's odd… As I'm previewing this, I tested out those image links above. Each opens a new Vivaldi tab, but the image is broken until I reload the tab. imgur is generally ok with outside referrers, so that shouldn't be the issue. I'll check, after this is posted, if this persists after a Vivaldi restart. Edit: Never mind; it stopped happening after a restart. Edit2: Happening again, on version 1.0.403.15 now.)

  • Just wanted to put the 'Image Properties' in context menu on the wishlist as well and hoping to see it land up in the snapshots sometime in the near future. I am already pretty impressed with the progress visible in the snapshots.

    BTW, I can confirm the bug Isildur mentions about images not loading in a new tab until the tab is refreshed. I'm on Linux and Isildur appears to be on OSX, so seems to be affecting both these platforms at least.


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