Vivaldi Forgets Pinned Tabs After Reset/Crash

  • On both my home computer running Linux Mint and my work PC running Windows 7, Vivaldi never remembers pinned tabs if there is a power outage, the computer has to be reset, or if Vivaldi crashes. Both of the major competitors have no problem restoring pinned tabs after any such occurrence. At this time, I only have two pinned tabs in Vivaldi. In my current number one browser, I have six. This is something that will need to be addressed before Vivaldi moves into my number one spot...which it's very close to doing. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  • Thanks for raising this issue and sorry for the troubles. We're looking into it. Also thank you for filing a bug report. We announce their fixes on the snapshots with their number. Check for VB-15076 in future snapshots on

  • Vivaldi Team

    Do you lose all tabs in the session or just pinned tabs?

  • I lose all tabs, pinned or not, on both my Linux Mint and Win7 machines. Upon bringing Vivaldi up again, I get the Speed Dial and tabs as if I had never changed anything. FYI, I do have the setting checked for Vivaldi to save my pinned tabs.

  • Just a little update as I am now running Vivaldi 1.1.453.47 (Stable channel) (64-bit) at home on Linux Mint…we had a power outage today while I was online. When I brought Vivaldi back up, all pinned tabs were gone. I also had a computer crash earlier this week at work where I have the latest stable version of Vivaldi running in Windows 7 64-bit and it too lost all the pinned tabs.

    I do have a temporary "fix" for this as I have put the pages I want as pinned tabs into the top of my Speed Dial page so I can put them back where I want quickly. Still, it will be nice when this problem is finally resolved.

  • Further update…took 1.1.453.52 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on Windows 7 64-bit right as I started work. Something else on my PC caused it to bog down and I had to use the reset button. Still the same result, all pinned tabs lost on Vivaldi.

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    taking advantage about the thread, i've reported this session management problem since before the stable version, as on this thread

    I report to the bug report: –----> VB-13915 - Current session is not being saved and browser restarts with Speed Dial page only

    When I restart, just the pinned tabs are loaded.
    WIN 10 64X

  • A further update…took 1.2.490.39 (64-bit) this morning on my Win7 PC at work...happened to have a crash and the pinned tabs are still disappearing.

    BTW, this is just reporting, not complaining. The improvements to Vivaldi with every release are stunning. I know this bug will be fixed in good time. 😉

  • Hello – FYI. Whilst my V has tended to be very stable for me for a long time now [& i always use the latest SS, not the so-called Beta / Stable stream], in earlier days it gave me a lot of grief with crashes which obliterated all my tabs, including pinned, just as you say. My workaround [once i'd manually recreated & reordered my desired tabs] was to install the Session Buddy extension. Despite my now predominantly reliable V experiences, i remain cognisant that i'm using bleeding-edge software which with each new SS might bite me again [though its reliability has become so high i don't actively fret on this too much now]. Hence i continue to use SB, as a precaution.

    With this, after a crash it can really save your bacon. It loses the pinned status of pinned tabs, but that's relatively innocuous compared to otherwise losing the tabs entirely. A related downside is that if any of the pinned tabs were also stacked [see here for the little trick required], once all your pre-crash tabs are restored from SB [if using a recent SS] you'll no longer be able to restack any pinned tabs, without first reapplying the "trick". Still, all this is better than a complete wipeout.

    Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE.

  • Still the same bug with 1.2.490.43 (64-bit) on Windows 7 64-bit. I'll have to check my Linux Mint machine at home once the new update comes through.

  • I'm just starting out with 1.4.589.29 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

    I keep having this issue as well. It's not my primary browser, so I tend to open and close it a lot. The session keeps getting wiped out on restart, pinned tabs and all. Most of the time it's fine, but I've had it happen 3-4 times in the two days I've used the browser.

  • Just to again update now that yet another person is reporting this problem…I am using the latest stable 64-bit versions of Vivaldi for Windows 7 and Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon (1.4.589.29 on the latter from which I am writing this). This problem still persists on my Win7 machine but seems to have disappeared on my Linux Mint rig. Even a Vivaldi update on my Win7 PC makes it forget all pinned tabs.

  • I am also seeing the same problem in 1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit) for Windows 10.

  • I just re-read this topic, & am quite amazed. My V SS hasn't lost pinned tabs for [i'd guess] over a year, maybe much longer. As per my earlier post, it used to be a major pain, in the very early days [say 2015 Q1, Q2], but for me at least this problem is purely historical not active [& yes, i include power blackouts & unavoidable pc hard-resets in my comment]. I wonder why the experiences of some other users are so divergent? My own experience [& i daresay a majority of other V SS users too, otherwise the blood would be flowing down the walls, metaphorically speaking, in the fora & blogs about this problem] logically implies it's not ipso facto a fundamental code flaw affecting all installed instances. Implicit from that would seem to be that something interesting is going on in some local environments.
    Tower's SSD = Linux Mint 17.3 x64 KDE 4.14.2 [< 26/9/16]; now Maui 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.3.
    Lappy's SSD = Linux Mint 18 x64 Xfce+Compiz [< 25/12/16]; now Maui 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.3.

  • Probably this related.

    I think, Vivaldi seem have problem in autosave session.
    How to produce:

    • Run Vivaldi
    • Open some webpages. Let it be for one or two minutes. Close the tabs to just one tab. Then immediately exit Vivaldi.
    • Wait till all closing procedures finish. Rerun Vivaldi.
    • Vivaldi come out with all tabs above.

    So the timer for autosave session doesn't work as in other browsers, either it too fast or too late. My theory; the lost session because unstable Vivaldi closing for whatever reasons, cause session data corruption.

    Vivaldi stable 1.6.689.46-1
    Vivaldi snapshot 1.7.715.3-1
    Linux/Debian sid amd64

  • @dLeon
    All ... I am still seeing the pinned tabs clearing after a "crash" ... I haven't been able to spend much time debugging, but I know that my tabs have been good for "days" and after a computer BSOD and numerous restarts the pinned tabs were gone. I have gone back to using startup pages (unfortunately) ... but I would really like to use pinned tabs ...

  • @Aussie
    Pin tab lost still regular. Happen a lot in every update. Lost in crash just one of them.

    For lost in update, my work around like in;

    For crash safe guard, some people seem using 3rd party extension like "Session Buddy".

    Vivaldi session management far better than long ago. But still not as stable we hope for. It will take time. 😄

    Personally, I never crash these days. Even if I purposely force kill Vivaldi, the history still there. But some people seem even lost history.


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