My personal experience with Vivaldi, and 4 issues that I would like to see for improvement

  • I'we been using the browser for 3 months now, I really love the overall feel and look. I'we just picked up the new beta snapshot 1.0.385.5 (Developer Build) (64-bit) Love the new tab feature, opening new tab next to the focusing tab, also rearranging the tabs order. But there are few points missing 1.) Pull a tab out from the tab bar so it becomes a standalone window, would like to see this feature 2.) Are you not using old Facebook notification, it's very grey and dull, the chrome notification always opens at same time and is much nicer and much more Vivaldi feel! 3.) Smarter algorithm for typing in address bar, so that previous url's do not appear only alphabetically, but rather by which is most often used! 4.) When looking at pages in other languages, I'm not getting at least as default the option to translate that page, that would be nice too have like the chrome has. Otherwise I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for an excellent browser and you are on a great path to greatness.


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