Several poorly reproducible bugs: need help to specify (for consistent feedback)

  • Hi guys, I've faced several bugs which are annoying at different degree and which I'd like to report, but I have different problems with reproducing them, so may be you'll give me some ideas/confirm that you have those bugs too/...: [ol] [li][strike][b]up/down arrows don't work in notes[/b]. Ok, I've already reported this via the bug form, but there is some uncertainties, so may be you'll help me with them and I update the report. First, they do work when Vivaldi is started, but stop working "shortly" after, and I don't know what triggers that. Most of the time they don't work for me. At very rare ocasions they can even resume working after a period of not working, but I have no idea when/why.[/strike][/li] [li][strike][b]non-active tab behaves as active[/b]. This is reproducible, but only for one site and I'm not sure if it applies anywhere else. So the problem is, in (messages/dialogues page) there are "tabs" inside the page (a "tab" for each dialogue). In old Opera (and I guess in other browsers too) new messages in dialogue A are marked as "read" only if one activates the tab and "tab" A is active there. Now, in Vivaldi messages are marked as "read" if just "tab" A is active, but it's not necessary to have the tab active. In other words, I just surf web and don't visit the messages tab, but Vivaldi sais others that I'm reading their messages..[/strike][/li] [li][strike][b]the double right-click bug:[/b] when right-clicking a link on a page, I often don't get the context menu and only second right click gets it. If I try again on the same page (even another link), the bug is not reproduced, even if I close and reopen the page. May be it appears on the pages that I visit for the first time; but that doesn't seem to be true exactly as some of them don't show this bug. Yes, this is Vivaldi, not the touchpad as the bug appears in Vivaldi only. Anybody getting this too? Any ideas how to make reproducible?[/strike][/li] [li]at times, I'm [b]unable to drag&drop the pre-last tab (second from the right) to the rightmost position[/b]. I mean, dragging works, but the rightmost tab "doesn't let the new one get its place" when I get the new one hovering over the rightmost. This only happens when there's [i]enough[/i] tabs (meaning that when I get this bug, reducing the number of tabs, which is ~20, makes it disappear), but if I open a new window (well, yes, without closing the main one) and add there 20-25 tabs, I don't get the bug. I usually have 3 fixed tabs on the left and a couple of tab groups open as well.[/li] [li][b]sometimes preview shows incorrect pages[/b]. As I don't use tab previews much, I'm not sure how often this happens, but I've noticed that they can be "outdated": if in the tab first page A was open and then (now) page B is open, preview may show A instead of B[/li] [/ol] Some details that may or may not be important: Windows 10, Vivaldi v 1.0.385.5, both interface and content are set to be zoomed in by 150%

  • Ok, there's one more.
    6. In version 1.0.390.3 cursor inside text areas (at least one-line ones) sometimes disappears. Moving it with arrows, clicking inside the text area (or out of it and then inside), selecting text there etc doesn't workaround the issue.

    By the way, others are not fixed yet (aside 4, which hasn't appeared for some time and I'm not sure about it).

    PS pardon, looks like the 2d issue is resolved in this version. Will report again if it rises again.

  • Ok, while the first issue was reported as fixed in the pre-resent update and in that release there still was the "focus" problem when arrows always navigated between notes rather than inside a note (when the focus/cursor was inside a note). After that, update to current (1.0.403.17) version said that that is fixed, too. Indeed, after restart Vivaldi behaved as though it was fixed, but today it re-appeared: if I press up/down, it switches between notes instead of navigation inside them.

    I must admin, this is quite annoying, especially because today another bug, which was reported as fixed, re-appeared (ctrl+shift+V inserts twice in some WYSIWYG editros, including Gmail).

    1. Here's another one for your list of intermittent bugs, stimulated by your reference to "focus" in your last post. When browsing a variety of websites using just a single tab, if I occasionally mouse up to the search box, left-click to focus the cursor there and then start typing, the attempted typed search-box text appends to the URL text in the address box instead; the search box remains empty. If I'm in a hurry, don't check my brief typed search term in the box, but instead immediately hit "enter", the browser tries to navigate to the now-garbled address-box-URL and fails. It isn't a 'big' problem in the grand scheme of things, but it is a big annoyance whenever it occurs - which is about once every session hour or so for me, and it's completely unreproducible by any of the ways I've tried - until it suddenly happens out of nowhere. The only consistency with the problem is that it's been going on for many versions now. Currently: Vivaldi 1.0.403.17 (32bit) installed stand-alone on a Win7-64 system.

  • Ok, bugs 1-3 seem to be fixed in 1.0.430.3. 4 and 5 are surely still here. Not sure about 6 yet in this snapshot.

    Blackbird, let's call "your" bug #7, as I've already added #6 in a comment above.


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