[Feature Request] Keyboard Shortcuts for speed dial entries

  • I've been following Vivaldi since the initial release and ever since, I've only needed this one feature to get myself to switch over to it. I've never seen any comments on if this feature is planned or even possible. I know that in chrome, it isn't possible to have a speed dial with keyboard shortcuts via extensions. Will this ever be a feature in Vivaldi or will it be possible for someone to add in with an extension at some point?

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    It has been requested before, frequently. It may come in time.

  • Pesala, could you point me the topic you are talking about so I can follow it? As I understand it's about smth. like Ctrl+[Number] speed-dial feature from old Opera or customizable setting? I'd like to have it too and want to vote up for this feature :)

  • I would like this very much. Please make it happen.

  • I just wish one of the devs would comment on this. If it isn't a feature they want to do, I'd like to be able to stop wasting my time checking this forum every few weeks and dreaming of being able to ditch Firefox for Vivaldi

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    I think you can safely assume that such features are in the pipeline. They are likely low priority, given that focus right now is primarily on achieving a first, stable, "Vivaldi Final" version. Following the release of such a version, it is likely that feature implementation will actually gain steam, as less effort will have to be expended on bug-fixing the version that most people are using.

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    My implementation of SpeedDial shortcuts https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/all/8453-bundle-js-modding

  • Thank you so much! I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with the bundle.js file, but I'm working on figuring it out now!

  • I really like Vivaldi, but I am also looking forward to this kind of feature.

    I used a Firefox plugin before for speed dialing:
    1. Ctr+[space] (speed dial screen opens)
    2. [letter x] which you could define yourself (e.g. w for wikipedia; b for banking portal; etc)

    Could you please work on this. That would be great.

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