Any way to select tabs by clicking on top edge of window?

  • I've been using this browser for a while and I love it, but there's this little detail that I find extremely annoying, and that is that in other browsers I'm used to directly move my mouse to the upper edge of the screen to select a tab without having to actually paying attention to having the cursor inside the tab box as the boxes go all the way to the edge in Chrome and Firefox, but in Vivaldi they stop a few pixels short and that drives me mad, as now I have to be constantly paying attention to the position of my cursor in order to hit the damn box. Is there a way to bring the tab buttons all the way to the upper edge? I read something about using a custom CSS sheet to personalise my UI but I don't have much experience with that. Examples: [img][/img] In Vivaldi there's a non clickable gap between the upper edge of the tabs and the actual edge of the window and screen. [img][/img] In Firefox there can be a small gap depending on the theme you use (defualt Australis goes all the way to the edge) but the window edge is still clickable regardless of appearances. You don't need to have your cursor physically inside the box to click it.

  • Okay I'm stupid. There's an option to remove tab spacing in maximized windows in the setting panel I haven't seen before.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    I have another question that I'd like to get an answer for, although it's not that important. Is there a way to move the "Open link in background tab" option on the right click context menu when clicking a link to the top of the list? Basically make it swap places with the "Open link in new tab" option, which I never use because I don't like staring at blank screens for a couple seconds whenever I open a new tab.

  • @rnet:

    … Is there a way to move the "Open link in background tab" option on the right click context menu ...

    Perhaps the extension mentioned in this thread is of some interest for you.


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