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  • I work at a small printing company. My computer station at work has open access for any other employee to use. However, one in particular is a nosy "not-a-nice-person". I would like to see a feature added that, once you start the browser, it requests a password. Without the password, the browser will not open. It's a security feature that a lot of programs should implement.

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    That was discussed last year internally.
    It was said, that the operating systems already have the ability to restrict users to programs.
    I'll as the developers.

    But wich browser has already password protected start?

  • I dont know of Windows allowing the locking/passwording of programs in the same user logon.

    The computer I use has a station login. Once logged in, anyone can access the programs. Its use is for the flatbed printer, which is my jurisdiction. However, anyone else can use it as well. I installed Vivaldi, and I use this browser for my social media, email (both personal and business), as well as forum searches for Illustrator, printer issues and the like.

    I would like to see an implementation that would lock this particular browser behind a password wall so that my personal information is not subject to tampering.

    As for your last question, I dont know of any browser that has a password on startup, which is why I was asking.

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    search for "password protect program" on Google and you will find some prgrams which can add such functionality to protect start of your program:

    But if every worker at your company can login to your account they can read all your user data!
    Password protection of the program Vivaldi is not enough.

    You should use a separate account on your OS if you are concerned about your privacy and data.

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    Yea I remember I wanted this feature bur because of OS security protection as user session base, not logical to do extra work on it.

  • Or just install Vivaldi on your USB flash drive as a portable installation, when done using it take your usb out and go. Easy

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    Yes, that is a good solution to install Vivaldi on a USB stick as the user data is not located on PC.

  • The restriction of the programs can be done at OS level. So I can't see a real need to reinvent the wheel.

    But the password protected settings would be a nice feature to have. Especially for kiosks internet cafe and so on..

    That was likely one of the most important feature that even Opera lacked.


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