Maximum of 20 tabs opening at once

  • Hello, I have a bookmark-folder with 26 bookmarks in it. After clicking with my middle-mouse-button on the folder to open all bookmarks at once, only the first 20 tabs are opening. Is there a limitation for this? Best regards.

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    Confirmed here. That's a sensible limit. Opera 12.17 has an option to set the maximum number of tabs to open without confirmation in opera:config “Confirm Open Bookmark Limit”

    The default is just six. If you try to open more a confirmation dialogue appears. Perhaps the Vivaldi devs have something similar planned but it would be a low priority for now.

    Why do you need to open more than 20 bookmarks?

  • Thank you for your answer.


    Why do you need to open more than 20 bookmarks?

    I have this much pages to check in the morning, so until now (Firefox) i'm used to open all at once to save a few seconds not clicking every link separate 🙂

    Maybe someone knows a config-setting for changing this?

  • Just use a session manager extension and save the tabs you want.

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    Create another bookmark folder for the others and open both folders.

  • Yes….creating a second folder it is. Thank you both.

  • Making extra folders etc to make a workaround is sad. This should at worst be a popup-"are you sure you want to open this many tabs" kind of thing.


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