One Bug & Two Questions

  • I'm a Vivaldi fan & pleased to see the progress being made! I was wondering... 1. As a WordPress user/admin, a concern I've discovered is that, when clicking (the orange star) to see the list of recent post likes/follows, it doesn't appear. Instead, I can only see an unending & spinning blue ring/circle? 2. When selecting a bookmark from within an album of bookmarks located in the top bookmark menu bar, is it possible to open a given link in a new tab? Using the Shift+Command+Click simply opens the link in the current tab position? 3. Lastly, when looking in Preferences > Keyboard, is it possible to set a new keyboard shortcut (and where, under the 'tabs' heading?) to open a link in a new tab by assigning Command+Click, rather than Shift+Command+Click? Any information is appreciated - thanks.


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