[Feature request/ Feature undo request] Tab opening behaviour

  • I updated to V1.0.385.5@Windows, with its [quote]New Tab placement on opening[/quote]. Alas, I strongly dislike it, as much as the described option to open tabs "always last". Before I used the very opera-like tab opening that opened new tabs "next to active", be it links in background, a new tab or otherwise. I'd very much like for this feature to return as an alternative option to the "open next to related", where in a long list of related tabs the new tab gets queued after the last sibling. This is my personal preference, but since it already worked that way before, I'd very much like to choose from this described behaviour also. Do other users feel the same, or am I weird about the tab position? (Previously, the desired behaviour was implemented in Opera(Presto), and opposed to any other browser it was also a Vivaldi feature for me.)

  • There is a discussion about it: https://vivaldi.net/en-US/teamblog/84-snapshot-1-0-385-5-changes-to-tab-opening-and-closing-behaviour
    (link to a comment, but such links don't work for me, so you can search for "Next To Related Tabs").

    As a temporary solution you can open bundle.js in a text editor, replace
    if(a.isEmpty()===!1){var o=a.last().get("index")+1
    if(!0===!1){var o=a.last().get("index")+1
    or download modified bundle.js here: http://justdanpo.ru/vivaldi

  • Thank you, your remporary solution works (as far as I can yet tell) like a charm. I still hope there will be an option to choose this behaviour in the future through the menu.

    I suggest, you change the obscure condition
    if(!0===!1){var o=a.last().get("index")+1
    into a more understandable, readable, computationally slightly less expensive (I think) and equivalent
    if(false){var o=a.last().get("index")+1


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