Backspace (DELETE) key navigates backwards when cursor is focused in an INPUT box or TEXTAREA

  • I'm having an issue where when the cursor is in certain types of input areas. For example, I was using this collaborative editor when suddenly the backspace key started navigating backwards. I've had this happen in other websites as well. Right now it just fixed itself when I started typing in this plain textarea. Perhaps it has something to do with apps that handle keyboard events in JavaScript? I'm not sure how to trigger the issue to start or stop happening.

  • Strangely enough this also happens when you use an input field in a web panel. The backspace key will move the active tab in the main window backwards in history then (and in this special case the web panel should be actually focused…) For now I simply removed the backspace key from keyboard shortcuts in settings, fixes the issue almost completely. The thing is websites with other one key shortcuts will still trigger if you are typing in an input field (or input field in a web panel), and there is nothing that could be done about that.


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