Embedded Vines on Twitter and Tumblr cause Vivaldi to freeze

  • Whenever an embedded Vine appears on my Twitter feed or I end it prematurely by scrolling away without pausing first, Vivaldi completely freezes and I have to kill it in the Task Manager and restart it to get back to whatever I was doing before. This does not happen in any other browser I have on my machine, just Vivaldi, and tbh it's pretty annoying to deal with. I reported it before, but there does not seem to be a fix yet. I've also noticed this on Tumblr. Vine appears, Vivaldi freezes and requires me to kill the process in the TM. If you must know what OS I'm using, it's Windows 10 Pro x64, and for hardware I have an Intel Core i5-4690K, an EVGA GeForce GTX 760 and 16GB RAM. Snapshot I'm using is 1.0.385.5.

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    Yes, such freezes only on Windows 10 with embedded Videos are known for current Vivaldi and Chromium 48 based browsers. 😞
    The Devs work hard on a fix.

  • So, it's a problem with Chromium then.

  • I'd like to give this a bump. I'm also using Windows 10 x64 with x64 Vivaldi, now 1.0.418.3. This continues to be an issue for me. In fact, it's gotten more persistent as the versions have gone up. I also can't be sure it's limited to vines. I've been trying to use AdBlock Plus to prevent embedded vines from loading and playing, but I continue to get hard lockups.

    I have not yet had this be an issue in Google Chrome. Each time Vivaldi has locked up, I was always able to open up Chrome, go to the same feed I was looking at in Vivaldi (Tumblr, Twitter, etc), and Chrome would load the page without incident.

    Can anyone else confirm similar symptoms or suggest workarounds? This issue is making it very difficult to continue beta testing Vivaldi.

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    Known issue with all browsers based on Chromium 48 in Windows 10, except Chrome itself has the least problem, and Opera, with its 100+ desktop programmers has finally solved it in two versions of their browser. Vivaldi is still working on the problem.


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