Nicknames and Keyboard Shortcut?

  • I just upgraded to Vivaldi 1.0.385.5 for Windows. In the past, when I click on "F2" and typed in a nickname, I was taken to the bookmarked website. I think that, like in Opera 12, this was done without having to hit enter. Now, the default selection is an internet search of my nickname which I can select by hitting enter. To get to the bookmark associated with the nickname, I have to scroll down to get to the bookmark. Sometimes there can be several items listed before the bookmarks (eg., tabs that are open & commands). Is there a another keyboard shortcut dedicated to nicknames?

  • Moderator

    Oh, yes. The 385.5 hs a bug with QuickCommand F2 😞
    It is bug VB-12691

  • Thanks for information and the quick reply!

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    May be it will be fixed in next weeks snapshot. But i have no information about fixing progress ont this bug.
    if i hear something, i will post.


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