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  • Is it possible to set HTML5 Notifications "On" by default either universally or on selected websites? Personally, there are a few websites that I frequently use that use notifications, and I am forever clicking the accept notifications dialog box for them. I would like to find a way to enable notifications by default for these sites.

  • You can set it going to the chrome settings menu on Content settings.
    But is hidden and buggy.

    Go to```

    Maybe it will display Vivaldi settings, if so, try again.
    When you enter the chrome settings menu, change the configurations that you want
    and restart the browser

  • Thank you. I will give it a try.

  • Moderator

    Did Xirzag's advice work for you?

  • Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, the advise provided worked perfectly. I am only using it on one website, but it is consistent.


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