[Style / Suggestion] Change Pinned Tab Width?

  • I noticed that when you pin a tab with sound running, it's difficult to actually select that tab with or without muting the tab. I'd like to somehow change the style so that the pinned tab width is at least double the default size in order to have optimal grab space for tabs that are playing sound. How would I go about this?

  • You somehow ended up on the French forum. Same problem here. Mininum tab width (pinned or not) could be wider. I just don't know where the values are in common.css or how to add the proper code in my custom.css.

  • I'll second or third a wider pinned tab. For reason(s) OP pointed out.
    Also pinned tabs get's a bit lost there on the far left corner, next to V button, favicons easily "blend with" V button - so it's not easy to spot pinned tabs.

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