Sync between Linux and Windows on dual boot: How to change location of bookmarks, notes etc?

  • Hi Vivaldi community, I would like to share the Bookmarks, Notes between two vivaldi installations on a dual boot system with Win 7 and Linux Mint. With Opera 12 this was quite comfortable since you could achieve this by just editing the opera:config and alter the locations to a third partition where both OSes could read and write files. This was for years my favorite method for manually syncing [ul] [li] bookmarks [/li] [li] notes [/li] [li] contacts [/li] [li] mail accounts [/li] [li] wand (passwords, expecially for mail client!) [/li] [/ul] without the need of using any cloud-based services. Ok - it does only work locally. But for my scenario this is good enough for now. In Vivaldi Beta 2 I could not find any options to change the location of specific files nether in the setting nor the vivaldi://vivaldi-urls pages. Also there might be something within the preferences; but to me that does not look very self-explanatory or does it? vivalditips is offline at the moment, so I was not able to check that source. I found some other threads about similar questions (symbolic links) but nothing lead me to simple solution as described above. The vivaldi files are located here: linux: /home/<user>/.config/vivaldi/Default/ win: C:\Windows\Users<user>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\ Maybe someone knows how to do that in a simple way? In case it is possible we could try of transferring settings and installed extensions too... Thank you for sharing your ideas!</user></user>

  • Welcome to the forum Youwont!

    Looking into this thread I would say there is no easy solution to your requirement - yet. A kind of workaround was described in this post. It is not that what you are looking for but at least a step into the right direction.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    For now I think I wait until Vivaldi 1.0 or later, hoping there will be secure, transparent and official sync support and documentation.

  • @Youwont:

    The vivaldi files are located here:
    linux: /home/<user>/.config/vivaldi/Default/
    win: C:\Windows\Users<user>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\

    Maybe someone knows how to do that in a simple way?
    In case it is possible we could try of transferring settings and installed extensions too…

    Thank you for sharing your ideas!</user></user>

    Well the obvious way should be to not sync the folders but to use the same.

    That was what I always did with opera.

    Anyway Vivaldi has a layer of added complication because the unique user ID that make impossible even to copy the same profile folder to another user on the same machine/OS. W/O loosing the passwords, the installed extensions and so on.

    Anyway other files are unaffected, including the bookmark file

    So would be probably better to not use the windows profile as the whole vivaldi profile, but just symlink the relevant files from a mounted windows profile to the Linux one.

  • The_Solutor - I think that using the same folder is exactly what OP was asking for.

    In that respect, I imagine that this should be useful:

    vivaldi.exe --disk-cache-dir=[cache directory] --user-data-dir=[data directory]

    It's what I use to allow Vivaldi to run from USB (a batch file copies user data to the hard disk, runs with these options, copies the user data back to USB then deletes hard disk copy).

    Coincidentally, Gwen-Dragon just mentioned the option here.

  • @The_Solutor: thanks for you answer. I might try symlinc the most important files (thats what I did with opera) and that was basically my question! This should work.
    Of course it would be more convenient to share the settings, extensions etc as well. But as you wrote, this is not possible the symlink way due to unique user ID. Maybe mossman post helps to do that?

    @mossman: thanks. I have a look into that. If I get it right, using this way it should be possible to share all the profile including extensions, settings etc for both OSes?
    What I will do: create up a cache and data (profile) folder on a partition that both Linux and Win can access. Then open vivaldi with parameters to define the locations.

  • I think so, although I don't use extensions so there might be some issues there.

    Also I don't use Linux, so I suppose there's a chance some of the profile files might be OS dependent - in which case this won't work for you. Make sure you keep a backup before doing anything! 😉

  • I tried what I wrote in my last post.. and: fail.
    obviously it is not that easy. It looks like win vivaldi overwrites the files I created in Linux. Maybe I could not figure out exactly the folder structure which definitely should be according to each OS. So I found some differences, especially with the "Default" and the "Cache" folders. I think "Default" should be the user profile folder. Unfortunately the differences within the folder structure seem to make trouble which is needless to say.
    I think this is it for now. As I said, at some point some official documentation by the developers about profiles, sync and folder structure would be helpful. But I think it is too early to ask for that.

    Thank you anyways

  • Oh well, it was worth a try. At least now we know.

    I expect that sync will come and that will eventually solve your problem…

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