Bug - Zoom window Mac OS X function works oddly

  • Hey everyone, Exploring and using Vivaldi as a full-time browser, i noticed something that's quite annoying and that doesn't show up with any other kind of window under OS X El Capitan. The Zoom functionality under Mac OS X allow the user to quickly resize the window so that it can adjusts to the perfect size of the screen. The problem occurs when using several displays in a dual monitor (or more) setup: Then the zoom function seems to do well it's job of resizing, but it disregards completely the current position of the Vivaldi window. For example, if i use this function (shortcut or clicking on it via the menu), it ofttimes bring the window on the other display, while i simply wanted to resize it on the same display i was using Vivaldi. The problem is reciprocal. When i zoom Vivaldi from the display 2, it just come back to display 1... I attached a screenshot of the functionality in fault here to avoid any misunderstanding about this. Edit: Could it be because F13 is used? it should work by clicking on it then, but it changes nothing, i must do it twice to get it work... Cordially, from a Vivaldi User. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/73852/Screenshot2016-01-3018.15.12.png[/img]

  • Up! This problem is recurring and it's not showing up in any other application under El Capitan…

  • Up ! The problem is still there and only on the Vivaldi mac app…
    Please, i won't use it any further, i've switched back to Opera... :dry:

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