Vivaldi goes wild when extended desktop screen powered on

  • There seems to be an error in the window handling whereby if an extended desktop is powered on, Vivaldi cycles at very high speed through all of its open windows, taking over and stalling the machine completely. It means having to kill Vivaldi before turning on an external monitor which makes it useless in practise as a production browser I am using the latest 64 bit snapshot of Vivaldi, though it has always exhbitied this phenomenon irrespective of version, on a i7 running W7Pro (all service packs and updates)

  • What is a production browser?

  • production =
    just a browser deployed in the context of a network with other users who need it to work out of the box

  • If it's doing it on multiple setups, I would suggest perhaps filing a bug report at

    FYI, you do realize that all Vivaldi versions are still Beta- or Snapshot/development-grade browsers, don't you? As such, caution should be used in deploying them to any kind of critical or true production scenario since stability is not assured… they're all still works-in-progress.


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