Please bring back the original blog layout/format

  • I have to admit, I much prefer the original layout of the blogging module. The old format was much easier to read and navigate, in my opinion. This new format is just "too in your face". When adding a picture to a blog post, it is far too large and takes too much away from the text. The original format had a nice title and introduction that made it easier to scan the blog to see what articles were of most interest to you. Having to scroll through the entire blog post, one at a time with no summary or ability to choose a particular entry is not very elegant. There isn't even a calendar or archive list to narrow down which entries to view (from a particular time frame or date). Can we please have the old format back?

  • Okay, I started fixing my old blog posts (which I made before the format changes) and I'm getting things looking a little better. But, would it be possible for the developers to add something to help with navigating through the blog post history. Like some sort of calendar or something so people could choose a time frame to read blog entries and not have to scroll through each and every blog post. Or even something to filter blog posts by subject matter (aka tag words)?

    Or, if there is such navigation/filter tools available, please show me where these are.


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