Improving feedback providing experience

  • Hi guys, some time ago [url=]the bug report form[/url] was introduced. As a user who provides much feedback, today I'd like to provide some feedback about providing feedback, not the browser itself 😎 [b]The bug report form[/b] Ok, it's nice and simple, but the form does have some flaws which I'd like to point out: [ol] [li]font colors. Dull grey on white.. God, that hurts (my eyes)! Please increase the contrast, make it dark grey or (better) black on white (but in the end I'd love to have the "user CSS" feature that was in Opera 12.x, so that I could change the font colors myself)[/li] [li]the mail field doesn't suggest previously inputed mails (like, say, Vivaldi forum Sign up form). Please add this to improve the process[/li] [li]do smth with the OS field. It always suggests me "Linux" while I'm on Win 10. I don't know, remember the last chosen OS in a cookie or do smth else (but may be it's a bug of Vivaldi)[/li] [/ol] Next, it could be a good idea to [b]make the reporting form a part of Vivaldi[/b]. At least a logged in user could get no CAPTCHA at some trust level etc. I've already added bug report form to the sidebar; on the other hand it may be reasonable to improve the web version without doing smth special in the browser.. but at least sidebar works for me.. not quickly enough (as for now). Finally, bug report form is ok, but it doesn't allow a) to search before writing (not to duplicate issues) b) vote for already created issues c) create other types of issues (feature requests) d) see issue status e) ask questions if it's not clear if the feature is implemented already f) discuss issues, especially understand some things that won't be implemented (and may be see implementation priorities). So, quite a room for [b]improvement; or may be use some side service/platform for feedback[/b]. Best regards, Yakov.


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