Ditch Speed Dial for Desktop

  • When Opera came out with Speed Dial it was 9 tiles what you could activate by just pressing 1 to 9 for speedy access. It was revolutionary lake a lot of other Opera inventions. Pretty fast people (like me) were crying out for more tiles and it was changed to 7 columns maximal and as much rows you want. Over time I found myself (and my family) using nearly only Speed Dial. The same behavior is true for other browsers. All the links (bookmarks) you need on one handy page. What would make this old idea a new must have feature would be to treat it like the Windows Desktop Icons. You can change the Icon size to your liking and put the Icons where you want on the Desktop Page for easy sorting. Thank you for listening. With Opera since last Millennium

  • Surely the SD needs more love.

    I'm sure it will come after the V1 release

    in the meantime you can test this


  • Just tossing in my thoughts on Speed Dial (for reference: Opera was my main browser when it came out):

    Speed Dial originated as a way to have quick access to your most frequented pages. Why it has deteriorated into a crummy alternative for bookmarks is beyond me. Even worse was the decision to ditch bookmarks in favour of speed dial.

    The way I see it, Speed Dial is an addition to bookmarks. Bookmarks that you open from a menu or a bookmarks bar, so as not to interfere too much with the current display. You don't open a new page and then choose which page to open, you choose a bookmark and then decide whether to open it in the current page or window or in a new one - at least that's the way I do it and prefer to do it.
    That's why I think Speed Dial should primarily be a panel or a special bookmark menu/bar folder.

    The ability to open a new page starting off with a speed dial is another thing: it should be additional to the former (and additional to starting of at a predefined web page).
    Why anyone would want to have more that a certain amount of links there I don't know: it's a selection, not a full set. But then, one should be free to have as large a selection as one wants.

    Back on topic: organizing Speed Dial the way you might organize your Windows Desktop is no killer feature as far as I am concerned. Everybody I know disabled their Windows 8 tiles desktop as soon as they saw fit.


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