Two minor issues and one question

  • Hello everybody, because I haven't said it yet, here it comes: I'm still using Opera 12.16 and I love your work on Vivaldi !!! Ok, two things I noticed: 1) Ctrl+F does not work, I have to go to the Option "Find in page" within the main menu in order to display the find-in-page-search bar 2) Group Tabbing works, but I cannot see any difference between a normal tab and a group tab (unless tab preview is activated and I move the mouse over the tabs) Is there such a thing like "opera:config" for vivaldi? Because "vivaldi://settings" doesn't offer the same depth of configuration options. Thank you, and don't kill me if these issues are already known :oops: --------------------- I'm running LMDE2 (Debian stable) and Vivaldi 1.0.344.37 (Beta 2) beta (64-Bit)

  • Ok, found out something.

    If the Main menu bar is displayed
    the Tab bar right below of it
    the tiny tab group indicator bar vanishes
    it becomes visible again.

    For the time being I'll avoid this combination.

  • Ctrl+F
    works again. After hours of searching I found the culprit.
    I had to uncomment a stupid default example hogging Strg+F to execute "xterm" which I don't have,
    so I didn't notice for a while.

  • Did you try vivaldi://flags ?
    You can basically use any chrome:// page by changing "chrome" to "vivaldi"…


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