Top Sites?

  • Why do I see Vivaldi processes writing to Top Sites files, to the tune of 2 megabytes per second, for an hour or more after I quit Vivaldi? Something triggers something, then performance on my system goes into the toilet. In an attempt to recover, I shut EVERYTHING down, and then watch Resource Monitor showing nonstop writing to the Top Sites files. (See attached screencap.) Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Topsites contains mainly the address and the thumbnails used on SD and bookmarks.

    So it's a big and high traffic file.

    That said it had some problems that made it increasing above the expected size, the problem should be fixed since some versions.

    So, if your topsites file is relatively old, is better if you delete it. It will be recreated and hopefully its size will be taken under control.

    If you delete it, all the SD thumbnails will be lost, so you'll have to refresh them pushing F5 on each SD page.


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