Vivaldi not working

  • Hey there, im using windows 8.0 and im using vivaldi for half a year now. Out of the blue i cannot open it anymore since yesterday. i also cannot uninstall vivaldi, i just get an error message telling me, that vivaldi is still running, but there is no window open. if i take a look at my task manager there is no programm running... however, if i click on details there are 2 vivaldi.exe entries and i cannot close the process, just getting a message "access denied". i also tried to restart my pc, but nothing changes.

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    Advice: Please use 32bit versions of Vivaldi because 64bit is experimetal and may be instable under some circumstances.

    Sometimes you cant close crashed processes.
    But after restart they should be gone.
    Login to your Windows account
    Dont start Vivaldi!
    Open cmd.exe
    Then enter these commands and hit Enter key at end of each line

    cd /D "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default"
    del "Last *"
    del "Current *"
    del "Top Sites*"

    Start Vivaldi

    If that does not work, restart Windows and boot with Key F5 into Safe Mode and try to uninstall Vivaldi.

    If uninstall Vivaldi works, visit and download Last Snapshot, and install Vivaldi 1.0.380.2.

  • @gwen-dragon Surely, 64-bit Vivaldi is not still experiments in Dec 2017?

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    @mike_b said in Vivaldi not working:

    64-bit Vivaldi is not still experiments in Dec 2017

    No, 64-bit it is very stable since months. Why do you think it is experimental?
    And really you anser to a thread for 1.0 Vivaldi problems.
    There are newer threads for current 1.13 versions!

    Closed now.


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