New version - Old problem

  • Yeah, Vivaldi is an incredible browser, i know it. But after this update, i am going back to Chrome just because of one error which has happened for a long time: I can't login to any website which is using Meteor account. I reported this error 4 times every time when a new version has been release and i used many methods: Forum, Twitter, Facebook, Bug report form,... but still no fix until now. I work with Meteor a lot, so I will go back to Chrome and I will try Vivaldi when the problem solved. Vivaldi version 1.0.380.2 64bit and 32bit Windows 10 64bit Website: Meteor website:

  • Moderator

    Sorry, but not all people, devs or testers use Meteor. So the proirity for testings bugs may vary.

    Your bugreport was sent at 19/Dec/15.
    I have confirmed the bug today.

    Strange because it Works in Opera 34 and Chromium 47


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