Vivaldi email server down? "4.3.1 insufficient system storage"

  • When composing emails from Thunderbird I'm getting send failures with the text "4.3.1 insufficient system storage". When composing emails from the new Vivaldi webmail interface I'm getting send failure with the text "an error occurred during sending the message". Heeeeeelp!

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    I can confirm the problem.
    I'll ask a admin whats going on.

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    The admins fixed the mail server problem.

  • Thanks for getting back so fast Gwen.

    There are no longer any error messages when I send emails. However, when I send emails to my vivaldi email address using vivaldi or gmail nothing gets through, and when I send emails to my gmail address from my vivaldi address nothing gets through.

    I'm also waiting for a number of emails other people have sent to my vivaldi email address - they all seem to be stuck in No Man's Land somewhere.

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    Other problems appear.
    Seems that sent mails dont get delivered out of
    Vivaldi's mail server has some "out of order" issues.

    But i dont know whats going on.

  • Update… they all seem to be arriving now. Not sure if any got lost during the down-time, but thanks so much for your prompt help Gwen! 🙂

    Update on the update... all the emails people have sent me during the day are slowly arriving one by one. It's like someone pulled the bath plug somewhere 😃


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