REGRESSION - inability to sign in to Disqus

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    Disqus shows me signed in. On sites that us Disqus for their discussion boards, however, it appears not to be possible to sign in. They won't acknowledge that I am signed in, and won't let me comment. I know Disqus is weird about how they handle cookies, but until snapshot 1.0.377.10, the last ten to twelve snapshots always kept me logged in in showed me as logged in at the various sites where Disqus is the forum or blog software.

  • I tested with 1.0.380.2 on
    if i logged in on i am logged in at, too.

    Yo need to allow cookies from 3rd party domains, that is a problem with and disquus authentication.

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    AAhh. I did turn off 3P cookies a couple of days ago. Tks.

  • When i used Opera, i found out with extension uMatrix which 3rd-party Cookies had to be allowed to let Disqus work on

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