All youtube tabs start together

  • [b]Quote[/b] It seems to me like there's definitely something fishy going on when you minimize the browser window. Also, when you start Vivaldi, it's default behavior is to only load tab content when you switch to that tab. Yet, if you minimize the Vivaldi window and then restore it, it suddenly starts loading all of the tabs in the background (there's no progress notification about this, but it definitely happens - if you wait a while upon restoring the window and then switch to a tab you didn't have active in that session yet, it's already loaded). [b]Unquote[/b] Since yesterday severall if not al start playng music and other content. Not on startup as opera used to do but in maximising and or bringing to foreground of Vivaldi. Closing and starting Vivladi is the option but since i use 3 browsers similair it renders vivaldi useless. closing and starting every 5 minutes or so is to much. I'm using Vivaldi maybe 5 weeks or so starting to love it 😛 and hoping to get rid of google but now it seems vivaldi 's got to go 😞 I have no idea what causes it out of the blue though i know it has nothing to do with the autplay button of youtube itself. Hope someone knows ? Regards.

  • I presume you are using Windows 8 or 8.1. right?

  • Actualy win 7


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