REVERSE REQUEST: Vivaldi icon in Windows taskbar

  • REVERSE REQUEST: A few snapshots ago the 'dual icon in the Windows taskbar' issue was fixed by the development team. The problem is that the icon now chosen is quite an ugly square and stands out badly from all the others, while the previous icon (joined as image) looks more professional. Any chance the team can reverse this change? Thanks! :) Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Please report it as a feature request or bug at

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    Interesting. That's the previous icon on someone's taskbar, eh? On what sort of system, I wonder? In nearly a year of Vivaldi installations, I have never seen that icon on my taskbar. The only one I have ever seen is the one I have now.

  • Frankly I think the new one is way more in line with the current trends.

    I asked months ago for a move in the opposite direction of OP's request (was about the V button icon).

  • Running it on Windows 8.1. Before the fix was made, sometimes the big icon (the current one) showed up in the taskbar, and sometimes I got the smaller, better one (I have found a workaround and I now always have this icon). I don't know, it just feels more adapted to the taskbar, more like a logo, not a cut of an image.

  • When the updater is running (downloading the update), I will have both icons in my Windows taskbar at the same time (Windows 7) ā€¦ but I forget if that's 32-bit or 64. I have both, one does and the other doesn't.

  • When the updater is running here with 32-bit Vivaldi on Win7-64, I have both icons on the taskbar. As soon as the updating is done, it drops back to one icon (the browser itself) on the bar, and the browser auto-opens as usual.

  • What I was mainly saying is I have one using the old icon and one the new ā€¦

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