Browser SYNC - synchronization

  • Hello Vivaldi Team and Community, as I know Vivaldi wanted to make a [b]synchronization[/b] between their browses "different host". What’s the status on that, is there any progress? I would like to do the synchronization thru my own server .. Can we start a topic on that ?![b][color=#bb0000][/color][/b]

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    maybe with owncloud

  • hello ,

    maybe with owncloud .. thank u for your replay !!!!
    it looks like nobody has any interest in browser synchronization 
    new themes : dark, darker whatever - there are a lot of discussion but a browser sync nobody talks about it … or I’m in the wrong channel ?
    just to think about to have your setting links, notes on every host u use just sound sweet ..
    realize this with realize it in a own server just awesome …
    but , there is a big silence ..

    its really a pity but probably a other browser will have it first … MS Edge .. Mozilla .. opera ..


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