Set as default but links dont work..

  • Can someone help. Just installed Vivaldi on my Mac and set it as the default browser and have restarted the Mac. But, when i click on a link (be it on Mail or whatever) Vivaldi doesn't automatically come up. I have to click on the Vivaldi icon and there is the link ready. Anyone out there who could help? Thanks in advance..

  • For me it works. What version of OS X are you on?

    Anyway, try to go to OS X System Preferences / General and check what web browser is set to default there. Don't know if you have set it to default over Vivaldi menu or over OS X, but actually it should work either way. Seems really strange.

  • Well..I am running El Capitan 10.11.3. I uninstalled Vivaldi and then re-installed it, set it as default browser via General in system prefs and now all working!!!!! The only issue i had was funnily enough through Apple Mail, once you click on a link in an email Vivaldi wouldn't do anything, but if you opened Vivaldi up there was the link open. Opened a link in Outlook and all OK..
    Weird but now all working and thanks for the helps..


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