Sensory Accessibility?

  • Hi, I have sensory issues, chronic migraines, and coordination issues, among other disabilities. I am looking for an accessible web browser. So far, I have been using Firefox, with a number of tools to block different kinds of animation. I have been having a hard time, because of flashing menus, animated images, zooming maps, and sheering. I am looking for a better browser for my needs. Is Vivaldo an option? I don't think Opera is an option, because it seems to flash all the time, and staying with Firefox isn't an option, because it flashes far to often. I would need to be able to block images, plug-ins, etc, navigate pages without having elements flash, switch tabs, etc.

  • This browser has lots of painful flashing, as it loads each page, and as I try to navigate the page.

    The "Welcome to Vivaldi" page has painful animation. The "Speed Dial" tab has painful zooming. If I navigate across each object, it zooms just enough to hurt. Why???

    I am getting a migraine from trying this browser.

    Is there any way to disable all the animation?

  • Moderator

    The browser should be a browser for All Vivaldi Friends. Vivaldi developers and testers concern about accessability for all people. Currently it has not prio 1.
    But i take care about some issues as i am a webdeveloper and (long have been) disablitilies activist.

    Can you please report you wishes in and describe excplicitely what your needs are?

  • I understand your problems. The animation when opening the bookmarks menu in the latest versions of firefox is brutal. Another browser option is SeaMonkey, which is related to Firefox but uses an old-fashioned interface. It also support many of the extensions as Firefox.


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