Feature Request for M3: Print Multiple eMails

  • When the M3 email application is added, I am wondering it it would be possible have a way to print multiple or export multiple emails in one print job or export operation. For example, it would be nice to be able to archive all my emails, or groups of emails, in one PDF document. If one could select a group of emails in the the email list in the Left panel and hit print, or export to PDF, then have all the selected emails be printed to paper or printed/exported to one PDF document, it would be exceedingly useful. I've been trying to archive as PDF files all the emails sent/received from single email correspondents. Currently you try this in Opera or Seamonkey, and at best it will just print only the email at the top of the list, if that. Doing one at time, which includes writing individual names for each PDF document, is tedious, odious, and exasperating. Is it a dream, or did I once see an independent program that would export all emails from Opera into a PDF file?


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