[Feature Request]Quick hide/show for Tab Bar

  • Currently it seems you have to go to settings, then tabs, then check or uncheck the box to show or hide the tab bar. I almost always want this showing but sometimes if I need the space I hide it; on firefox this is as simple as clicking a button, and I wish Vivaldi had that feature.

  • On this forum, you can edit your threads at any time.

    If you select the light-bulb icon it will be obvious that it's a suggestion or feature request, so you don't really need to add the [Feature Request] prefix.

    If setting a shortcut for “Toggle tab bar” solves your problem, you can choose the Solved icon.

  • It is good to know I can add a shortcut for that, but I'd prefer a button either in the tab bar or panel… So I'm not marking it solved yet, in the hope someone will know how to add a button ;)

  • You can also try Chromeless Mode Ctrl F11. No Tab Bar, and no Address Bar either.

  • I had a thought: if there is a url that shows the current tabs, then I could add a web panel with that url… That way I could have the tab bar in the sidebar.

  • I have installed Vivaldi because I am using loads of tabs, and it promised nice horizontal layout for tabs. With horizontal arrangement, every tab remains readable, but it's a pity, that the "Tab bar" could not be hidden or shown automatically, like autohide of Windows' taskbar, or by clicking a button.

  • a small +1 to having a way to toggle the tabbar with a button (for example on the wider divider between webpage and tabs). AFAIR old opera had option to show such toggle.

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