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    Opera was the first browser to add extra protection with phishing and bad sites, but Spammers are not covered by the current browsers. However we live in an age where most email is done via a browser, yet no added protections are thought of. contact verification has been an option in real email clients for ever even though it is rarely used. Fragmentation is the problem here, because the various directory services are not connected. Reporting Spammers to the network they are using is often difficult, because they usually don't spam the same network they are logged into. TIP: My reporting solution (with an IMAP email client) is to drag the offending email to the account I have from the same network. e.g. If they sent it from Hotmail, I move it to my Hotmail inbox. Then I can mark it as junk or use the webmail for any other reporting options. I would like to see it become standard to use something simple for regular web usage outside of email. (Yes I know this could be done with an extension, but do we really need to run another browser instance.) An open and no-login type service such as would seem ideal (much like Opera uses phishtank). Other services should be reviewed or suggested, but for now it is a perfect example. There are many Spam databases and tools but they are usually not useful to [b][u]all users[/u][/b]. They either offer not enough or offer too much (nice collection) [b][u]Case example;[/u][/b] I recently received a message from a user here "leylosheikh", as I suspect many others did. I couldn't find any trace of this email being used so far, so it has not been used in comment boxes. I cannot sent this message to my junk folder, because it is via a PM system. Yes I can report it here, but it only helps 1 site, so I looked for something more like Web of Trust for email. Anyone that now searches the web for the email or message content, will now find a match, if it is true spam. As you can see the URL format is very simple, and should be very easy to do with a quick userscript. A more advanced script could possibly fetch the info and display any comments found in a bubble / mouse-over window. I would like to see people get the option when right-clicking on an email address, to have some form of protection or validation, that is open and common to all.


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