1Password or Lastpass?

  • I've used Dashlane for storing my passwords for a while, it's great and I love it. But Opera is my favorite browser, and it still lacks Opera support. I was wondering which of the two other recommended password programs do you recommend?

  • I use the Dashlane chrome extension on Opera (the chromey one)
    On non-chromey Opera, 100% chance it won't work
    I have used neither of the others though, so I cannot help with that aspect

  • i've used lastpass for many years and love it. its easy and just works.

  • Probably off-topic, but here goes:

    I usually associate certain user names with certain passwords and I remember them all, so I don't have to rely on those types of software, but if I have to suggest something, many, many years ago, I used LastPass for whatever reason and I think it's OK.


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