Privacy Concerns While Using Vivaldi

  • I am testing Vivaldi, it takes time to start, and it is also clear that Vivaldi is not an open source browser which is enough for many developers to keep them stick with Firefox (or somehow with Chromium). Here, my concern is privacy. I couldn't figure out how to set different configurations (for personal use). Although Vivaldi seems to be designed on Chromium paltform, "about:config" doesn't take me into Vivaldi configurations. The browser is based on JS technologies, hence it would never be able to stop WebRTC and related leaks. Plugins or any type of built-in support is missing to avoid adverts. In future, we don't know what type of sync feature will users get. To me it is obvious, Vivaldi wouldn't provide its own space to support syncing accross devices. Many wouldn't be using Google platform to sync either. Any comments... thanks.


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