Twitter regularly crashes Vivaldi

  • 😞 Just an annoying bug that has persisted ever since I started using Vivaldi back in October. Whenever I am on, the website somehow crashes Vivaldi at least every other time I am on the site. It usually occurs while I am scrolling down. I will be in the middle of scrolling and it will freeze the whole browser. The only way I can close the browser is to go to the Windows Task Manager and kill Vivaldi. I've only noticed this on, and that is why I'm wondering why it is happening. It may or may not have something to do with twitter's video player loading. Is this a Vivaldi problem or a twitter problem? I've used Chrome for a while too, but not as much as Vivaldi recently, and I have not noticed anything wrong on Chrome, only Vivaldi. More info: Happens mostly on Windows 10, occasionally on Ubuntu, I run Vivaldi Snapshot.

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    Yes, theres freezes often occur with embedded videos and hardware acceleration/GPU. It is a already known and fix has high prio.

    Yuu may start Vivaldi with disabled GPU. Than can be done by starting Vivaldi from shell or creating a desktop shortcut with the additional parameter```

    That may help. Can you test this?

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    Try: –disable-gpu --disable-software-rasterizer

    Untested, but this may solve problems.

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    These problems appear with other Chromium browsers on other pages, especially with freezing while scrolling or closing a tab is known and reported by me to Vivaldi and Chromium bug database.

    On WIndows the bug exists on some Chromium versions like 47, 48, 49 (as Opera Stable, Opera Dev, Iron etc.) , but not in Chromium 50.
    I hope the Vivaldi devs will find a fix and backport it to Chromium 48.

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    Which OS and Vivaldi version do you really use? Which Twitter URls crash Vivaldi? Under which curcumstances?
    I dont get such crashes ion Twitter with my 32bit Vivaldi on Windows 10x64.


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