Mp4 video is not played

  • Hi guys, I've got a problem: an mp4 [url=]video[/url] which is played in other Chromium-based browsers is not played in Vivaldi. Can anybody comfirm the bug? Should I know smth before filing a bug report?

  • The video at the link you posted works for me.
    Using Snapshot 1.0.375.3 (on Windows 10 64-bit).

    You don't mention which version of Vivaldi you are using but the latest can be downloaded from :

  • Moderator

    Which Operating System do you use?
    Older Windows or some Linux may have problems.
    Depends on installed Codecs.

  • Alright, after the new update the video works for me, too!

    I'm on Win 10 and the problem didn't appear in another Chromium browser (Yandex.Browser), so doesn't look like a codec problem. For now there are some effects that rise in Vivaldi after some time of working, so I'll write here if the problem appear again.


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