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  • From [url=]my forum[/url]. [quote=jax]For me a fairly fundamental requirement is subscriptions, something this forum doesn't have. It only has "Show unread posts since last visit." which is a very inferior solution.[/quote]

  • Vivaldi Team


    Could you please elaborate a little and describe exactly which functionality you would like to see in the forums? The subjects talks about e-mail notification, but not in the body. Then we can find out if we can implement the functionality you find to be missing.

  • Basically like My Opera subscriptions. A way to follow certain threads without receiving e-mails.

    On Simple Machines there's a "Bookmarks" mod that does more or less the same thing:

  • Vivaldi Team

    So you want to be able to set notification on a per thread basis, not globally so you recieve e-mail for all threads you are subscribed to?

  • That would be super neat, but simply like My Opera would probably suffice.

    Edit: to clarify, on My Opera you have the subscription manager for all threads and you can turn e-mail notifications for those subscriptions on an off globally. If you turn them off, that very subscription manager is how you keep track of new posts.

    On my Simple Machines forum, the "Bookmarks" functionality is wholly separate from the e-mail notifications functionality, so they are effectively two distinct subscription systems. This does have certain advantages in that you can choose to receive e-mail notifications for select threads while tracking a great many more, but it might be possible to successfully combine the management pages of both features.

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