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  • Hello, Somehow I can't find anything about MAIL in the forum. [b]In addition, the EMail symbol disappeared from the panel - no place to find to reactivate. Does this mean the integrated mail client was given up ?[/b] For me it's the most important reason to wait for vivaldi. Would that be dropped - my KO criteria. Can anybody say something about that ... ? Thanks ! Hallo .... ! Irgendwie kann ich nichts über 'Mail' im Forum finden. [b]Außerdem ist das EMail-Symbol in 1.0.365.3 von der Panel-Leiste verschwunden - und läßt sich nirgends einblenden. --> Bedeutet das, daß man es aufgegeben hat, den EMail-Client zu integrieren ??[/b] Der ist für mich der WICHTIGSTE GRUND, auf Vivaldi zu warten. Würde der weggelassen, wäre das für mich das KO-Kriterium. Kann jemand etwas Genaueres dazu sagen ... ? viele Grüße

  • Mail should be coming at some point. At least that's what we know. No idea when, software developers never tell you when, because they fear our rage and tears if they happen to need to delay release.

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    It's definitely coming, and they're using it with internal builds, but a critical feature like this needs to work reliably before being released, even for Snapshots and Betas as users don't like losing email.

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    The internals builds are tested with M3 mail, but currently it is not ready to show in public.
    The mail client will come.

  • Would love to know though what we can expect from M3.

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    No, we cant show.
    At this time the userinterface for M3 has many changes and is not finished.

    I would be thrown in a vulcano, geisir or eaten by some islandic ghosts or fairies if i would act in a Ms.-Manning-or-OtherLeaks Mode 😉

  • Since this is one of my main reasons to use Vivaldi again, I'll chip in with a tip for the time being:

    I uninstalled Opera Mail and now I'm using the latest Thunderbird version + one Minimize/Close to Tray extension. It's working almost as I intend and I can fully recommend a migration to it.
    The only problem is that the RAM usage might go to 100+ MB on use, and the idling usage is weird. It can go as low as 15 MB but now it's at 60.

    Regardless, it's a good enough client while we wait for M3.

    I use one account with several forwarded mail, several RSS feeds and some other minor stuff.

  • Hope it get's released sooner rather than later…

  • Something that I haven't seen on these forums (can't say that I've looked VERY hard so stand to be corrected) is a list of wants/suggestions for the email client. I still use Opera Mail as I love the way it operates and hope that Vivaldi mail works similarly in some ways. However, there are plenty of extra features that I would like to see.

    So my question is, would it be helpful to post those here? Or should we wait for the client to be released before submitting suggestions?

  • hello_Old_Friend and Everyone and CannarWilm
    We had a preview look at the mail didn't we? rock solid quite nice. sure share your comments. but wait wait 'til You see it may leave wish for nothing more. use your webmail Vivaldi. ? . using Try New Interface. ? .

  • @CannarWilm:

    So my question is, would it be helpful to post those here? Or should we wait for the client to be released before submitting suggestions?

    Welcome to the forum CannarWilm!

    Of course you can post your suggestions. You could write them for instance within the topic 'Vivaldi Community site feedback' or the 'Vivaldi Feature Requests' in 'All platforms'. My experience of one year in this forum is a very welcome lack of bashing. At least, if politeness is not understood to be a one-way road 😉 .


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