Around the World No. 13

  • [img][/img] This picture is taken in 1975 or 1976. That staff house is among the newest buildings belonging to this remote boarding school. [b]Your task is to find the location and the full name of the school.[/b] Try to find out continent, country, and other geographic clues. Yes/no questions will be answered with (you guessed it) yes or no. New clues/pictures every 24 hours. Good luck!

  • So why did you start a new thread when the old one is still unsolved?

    The hat looks like a traditional Australian hat, so I'll start with that much …

  • @sgunhouse:

    So why did you start a new thread when the old one is still unsolved?

    Two reasons:
    I have finally learned how to include pictures in a thread. 🙂
    Several times when a puzzle was solved, someone else faster than me, published a new thread. 😞
    Was it a big sin to jump the gun? 😊


    The hat looks like a traditional Australian hat, so I'll start with that much …

    You are right that we are south of the equator, but you are on the wrong continent.

  • No. 😞
    Yes 🙂

  • This picture is from the African country’s south-eastern boarder with a bigger country.

  • :woohoo:
    7 x No 😞

    This remote boarding school in Africa is one of the country's oldest secondary school.
    It was "sponsored" one man: Son of tribal chief of the largest tribe in the country.

  • No, Zambia is not the correct country.

  • Inside the staff house.

  • Botswana is the correct country.

    A school on the capital is hardly remote. 🙂 No to Maru-a-Pula.
    The school you are looking for is not even in a village.
    The boarder to SA consists of straight lines here near Gaborone.
    Look at picture # 2 in this thread.

  • It is called Central Botswana, but when you look at the map, it is in the eastern part. The school is between the railway and a river, but not those two you listed. The river is where the elephant got its trunk according to a fairytale, so the river is fairly famous. 😛

  • No. Shashe River School has lots of “civilian houses” nearby.

    “In one of many well-wooded valleys of the X Hills lies one of the first secondary schools of Botswana. […] and then well-watered valley, to which he had often come by ox-wagon […]” Well, everything is relative. The little stream and the trees don’t impress a Scandinavian. The nearest village is 8 km by curvy road to the south of the remote school.

    The river on picture # 2, is probably one hour drive father to the east - here “the crocodile pulled the elephants nose” as the story goes.

  • One method to find this remote school is using Google Maps.
    At Martin’s Drift there is a bridge across the border river Limpopo. If you go to street view at Martin’s Drift Border Control and make a 360 turn around, you'll see a flat (and boring) landscape. But if you look carefully, you will find some distant hills. Change to Map view, “drive” towards Palapye and look for a smaller road into those hills…

  • You are getting close.
    Look to the right of the main road from Martin's Drift toPalapye.

  • Correct!

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