Youtube - problem with layout/style

  • Hi, Few days ago I noticed that embedded youtube videos are not being displayed properly (big buttons, no previous layout). Today, I found that the problem is with the whole youtube site, which looks like simple HTML file without CSS enabled. I don't think that I changed some settings by accident. Do you know what is going on? And how to repair it? I am using the latest version of vivaldi browser, and I have deleted all history and cookies. The problem is still present.

  • Hi,
    I encountered exactly the same problem: the youtube site seems completely crashed - it started 2 days ago. Before that youtube was working properly.

    I am using the latest vivaldi snapshot on solydx (linux debian stable) 64 Bit.
    Youtube works correctly with opera 12 and with firefox on the same system.

  • I also have this problem. I've also noticed any embedded flash doesn't work either

  • edit: I found out that this issue is connected to adblock (NOTE: not adblock-plus) - at least in my case. I simply tried switching off adblock - and the youtube site looks as desired.

  • yep that fixed it for, thanks 😃

  • Are you sure that adblock was the issue? I didn't change anything to it and today I see that youtube site (and embedded videos) works good as some time ago. Anyway, strange behaviour :huh:


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