Something wrong with the colors! May be Windows 10 related thing. Need help.

  • I use a web app where for semantic highlightening certain colors are used. Today I tried it in Vivaldi and noticed that colors are significantly dimmer than in other browsers (see the screenshots [url=]image[/url]). May be there's some setting that can be adjusted? A peculiar thing is I've noticed a similar problem in LibreOffice but I don't remember exactly whether it appeared when I've updated Windows from 7 to 10 or at another moment. [img size=600][/img] Any ideas? Help is much appreciated.

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    There are no settings to adjust colors in Vivaldi.
    May be you have a problem with your video card driver?
    Perhaps hardware accelaration settings in your graphics card driver?

    I cant confirm a diference in green #008000 with Vivaldi and Firefox on my Windows 10 Pro - 1511 Build 10586.63

    Try to start Vivaldi with a desktop shortcut and commandline parameter –disable-gpu

  • Hi, thanks for answering,

    I've tried the –disable-gpu option, but it hasn't made any difference. (and I haven't tweaked any hardware accelaration settings, although I have stuff like AMD Catalyst Control Center pre-installed on my PC) I've also tried to find video driver updates automatically but they say I've got the latest ones.
    I have Win 10 Pro x64, same version and build as yours.


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