A bug with dragging a url to folder in bookmarks bar

  • If you try to drag a url from the address field to a folder in bookmarks bar, it doesn't end up in the target folder, but gets dropped right next to it. Also, sometimes bookmarks bar doesn't update its contents after drag'n'dropping the url. Vivaldi version: 1.0.365.3

  • Hmm, I just experimented a bit now, and for me at least, it seems to depend on exactly where you position the drop.
    If I drag it onto the folder name itself (causing the folder name to be highlighted) and let go, it goes into that folder properly; likewise, if I drop it between two existing items in an expanded folder, it seems to go in correctly. However, if I drop the address between the folder name and the first item contained in that folder, whether it works as expected depends on exactly where I am vertically. If I position the cursor a little high between the folder name and existing item name, the black insertion indicator line turns two or three pixels thick, and if I let go of the mouse button, the address gets put outside of the folder. If I drag a tiny bit lower (but still between the folder name and the name of the first existing item in the folder) the insertion indicator line turns 1 pixel thick, and if I let go, the address goes in the folder properly.

  • Well, by snapshot 1.0.385.5, it's gotten worse.

    Now, if you miss the magic spot (which I haven't ever even found) while dragging the url to a folder on bookmark bar, now the url/bookmark just 1) misses the target (as it did before) AND 2) then sits there on the bookmark bar, unmovable. Dragging the bookmarks around the bookmark bar doesn't work anymore, at all.

    Sucks & blows. I use bookmark bar a lot. Instead of keeping gazillion of tabs open, I have this temp bookmark folder, where I put everything I'd wanna check later. Of course I can make the bookmark with cmd+D too, but I've preferred dragging, because 1) the tmp folder is right there, couple of centimeters away from the drag start point, and 2) dragging puts the bookmark on the top of the folder menu, which I prefer. (Hmm… how about a preference for the default sorting of bookmarks, ascending vs descending?)

    Also, 3) I have other folders too for different topics. They're easily and quickly accessible with dragging and dropping the url.

  • Live & learn! I just noticed, every folder on bookmark bar has this "Add Active Tab" menu choice on the top of the folder menu. This adds the url to the folder. Ok! Hadn't noticed it before… D'oh!

    Still, it would be nice if it was possible to add the active tab on the top of the list. The tmp folder tends to grow pretty long...

  • I can't reproduce this "drop on folder name" method on current snapshot (1.0.385.5). It always misses the target.

  • Whoops, I was referring to the bookmark panel, not the bookmark bar. Somehow I thought you refered to the panel. Sorry for the confusion.

    So that's two separate bugs – the one you identified for the Bookmarks bar, and the one I noticed for the Bookmarks panel.

    Self-correction edit: for a moment, I thought the panel bug had been resolved, but it's still there.

  • Still doesn't work.


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